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Onrush new season rankings

SPiiKESPiiKE Member New Car Smell
So I played my 8 games to find my starting division.  I was playing with a full team .We won 6 out of 8 .I also had MVP  a couple of times . So why has the game put me at the start of Jack bronze and everyone else went to gold kings ?? Has this happend to anyone else?


  • spectrumfoxspectrumfox Member New Car Smell
    edited August 2018
    At the end of my 8 games, I had lost 5 games and won 3 and was placed in Silver King, so I honestly have no idea how they calculate your initial placement.
  • ExcaIiburExcaIibur Member New Car Smell
    edited August 2018
    I came on to try summer slam (solo), 7 out of the 8 placement matches were games that had already started by a country mile. Its ******* ridiculous that it puts me in matches where the team is already down by 2 rounds. I barely had time to even actually play the game before the match was over.

    I still manage to win 5 out of 8 games and it gives me silver (Queen), even though I reached platinum ace division 1 in pre-season. Like are you joking? What a terrible rank and stupid matchmaking system. I should be able to play a full match, then the rank system should decide on my overall performance from that match, how many divisions I should move up or down or held. This moving one division at a time is awful. Defeats the point of anyone getting MVP...

    What does arookCM, have to say about this?

    Edit... continued playing matches, same thing. How can anyone think this is acceptable? Also network errors still coming up and throwing you back to the start screen. The hit collision system (takedowns) needs to be adjusted or tweaked. For example playing lockdown, someone slows down in front of me, I hit them at full speed with boost and it pushes them miles ahead of me and close to the zone? Like what? That makes no sense, it should be a automatic takedown, not half damage and push them forward. Also I take people out, yet they spawn way closer to the zone than where I am... what's the point in that? Straight disadvantage.
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  • ExcaIiburExcaIibur Member New Car Smell
    Is this gonna be sorted or what? 90% of matches it puts me in, they are losing significantly. The worse thing is, I have gotten MVP in a match that I've joined when the team were 2 round downs and our team came back to win. Yet the other team were of much higher rank than me. I join games like this and I still perform better in that last minute of the game that's left, than people who are already in it.

    The matchmaking system, also likes to stick people on my team who are unranked, and are of a low level compared to me, against a party of platinum's on the other side.

    I think I will be putting this game to one side till these things are fixed. Instead you add stupid micro transactions, which just voids any rewards for good players.

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