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F1 2018 Surname May Cause Offence

Vulcan182Vulcan182 Member New Car Smell
My last name is apparently too offensive in F1 2018, it was fine in 2017. The famous last name "Van ****", is now censored in 2 games that I play, this is very dissatisfying considering I can't even remove the proper space. Why is this a thing?   
Since it censored it again, it's "Vandyke", but with a space and capital "D".


  • FayaFaya Member admin
    Hi there,

    Moving this to the F1 Technical Assistance forum. Thanks for posting, I'll pass this back to the team for review.

    If anyone else has issues with their names, let me know in this thread or via PM. Thanks! 
  • RodentyellRodentyell Member New Car Smell
    Yeh I have a problem the name Mark doesn't exist in the audio names..
  • dskxalivedskxalive Member New Car Smell
    Yeah same problem, put Mark in the audio names!
  • SpeedyWheels222SpeedyWheels222 Member New Car Smell
    Whilst I understand why my surname 'Dicker' is flagged up, it has not been an issue on previous F1 games (2016 and 2017).
    It just decreases the immersion I get from the game, I cannot see how it can cause offense when it is only seen in single-player mode, meaning only I can see it anyway.
    Would be good to have it solved.

  • WorntoathreadWorntoathread Member, Drivers Champion

    If this is okay, I'm sure your surname will be too ;) 
  • RuniblRunibl Member New Car Smell
    Same problem with "Larsen" not being an allowed surname. This is quite a common surname. But apparently the game is too focused on the middle 4 letters.
    A bit too strict I would say.
  • BluRacer7BluRacer7 Member New Car Smell
    I literally spat out my drink when I heard that XD
  • rfvgtrfvgt Member Unleaded
    I wanted to play as Mick Schumacher in my career mode but apparently 'Mick' is also a big no-no word :D
  • peterf1peterf1 Member Unleaded
    oh well I suppose Charlie Whiting , Muhammad Hamilton,  Fukushima Maximus or Sheila Cantelever is out too then
  • SpecialTSpecialT Member New Car Smell
    edited September 21
    Just coming towards the end of my night shift in the hospital where I work. This is the kinda thing we nurses need to see to keep our spirts up 😀😀. Chuckling away to myself whilst my work colleagues think I've gone mad.  Worntoathread said:

    If this is okay, I'm sure your surname will be too ;) 
  • FayaFaya Member admin
    Hi all,

    In regards to the audio names, they are mostly surnames with a few nicknames thrown in. 

    Hi @Runibl, thank you for posting, I've added your name to the list for the team to look at. 

  • FayaFaya Member admin
    edited September 21
    Hi @SpeedyWheels222 and @rfvgt

    Thanks for posting, I've forwarded both names to the team for review.

    Edit: As we had two threads about the same thing, I've merged them together. Thanks all

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