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PS4 I African Online Academy & Turbo`s and Bullets Leagues on Friday and Sunday nights

AcidBurn247AcidBurn247 Member Unleaded
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Hi All African and European Based Racers

We have (2) different South African based Racing Leagues for F1 2018 on the Ps4 starting towards middle of September 2018

Turbo`s & Bullets Friday Night Races

Weekly 100 % Race Distance Races on Friday evenings around 20:00 CAT

Format :
  1. No Practice
  2. Full Qualifying
  3. Pit Assist OFF
  4. Manual Race start ON
  5. ERS Assist OFF
  6. All other Assists allowed
  7. Parc Ferme On *
  8. Safety Car On *
  9. Strict Corner Cutting *

All Africa Online Racing League Sunday Night Races

Weekly 50 % Race Distance Races on Sunday Evenings around 18:30 (or shifted to start soon after real F1 Races end)

Format :
  1. 30 minute Practice
  2. Short Qualifying
  3. All Assists OFF except
  4. Racing Line (Corners Only)
  5. ERS Assist ON
  6. Parc Ferme On *
  7. Safety Car On *
  8. Strict Corner Cutting *

* This will be confirmed after some more testing is performed to ascertain if its still buggy.

Please contact myself on this Forum if you are interested , or look me up on PSN Network ID : Springbokgamer

More detailed info will be provided once your application is accepted , and your added to the Whatsapp and Twitter groups


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