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[online racing question] New to forum, new to F1 series, Old dog sim racer

First ever I to try F1 series, but I am not new to SIM racing. All I want to ask is how the cars and tracks are decided when you want to join online racing? Is there any place where I can see the schedule of races that will happen in the following days? I've been browsing the online feature of the recently released F1 2018, but the cars and tracks appears seems random, and I have no practice for that and so I can't race. Can anyone give me a quick heads up how this structure works? Thanks and cheers!


  • NDG131NDG131 Member New Car Smell
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  • lettucerainy02lettucerainy02 Member New Car Smell
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  • FayaFaya Member admin
    Hi there!

    You might get more replies if we move this to the F1 General Discussion forums, which I'll do now for you. 

  • jeboyLarszoejeboyLarszoe Member New Car Smell
    In the online part there isn't a schedule of races coming up in the next few days. The only way of how you can do it is by joining a league(like AOR, PSGL, ILR etc.) by signing up on their website. Most leagues have only 1 race a week, so you could maybe join a few different leagues to race on different days. The open lobbies are made to have fun. Leagues are the best option if you are looking for clean online racing.
  • JR6492JR6492 Member Wheel Nut
    Join a league man. Set track every week so you’ve a week to practice that particular track
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