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Ps4 weekend racing league f12018

SzmitskiSzmitski Member New Car Smell
Hi Im looking for a league event to join i would prefer weekend as I can only do that 100% as for in the week I could only do like 1 week on one week off  I am totally new to the online stuff however I have OK pace on f1 game  can someone please save my ass please


  • DeltaNiwaXDeltaNiwaX Member Wheel Nut
    We operate on a Sunday morning if you are in the Oceania region, otherwise we operate on Saturday nights (European/British) and Saturday afternoons (USA/Canada) We start at 8am UTC+12 for our F1 no assists championship and 11am UTC+12 for our F2 category. If you want to know more either PM me here or check out the Trans-Nation Formula 1 World Championship thread which pretty much sits (As I post this message) under this topic lol. 
    Trans-Nation Formula 1 World Championship head chairman and operator. 
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