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PC - Logitech Driving Force GT and Thrustmaster TX - Fix PS/Xbox Icons

Clemens123Clemens123 Member New Car Smell
I got to try my Driving Force GT Wheel with the PC game today (I did some surgery and repaired the broken shifter buttons), and saw that the game didn't show the playstation buttons in the game and complained about a non-supported wheel. I dived in the action maps files and found a mistake in the file of the wheel in the XML.
After fixing it the wheel works like a charm, including PS buttons in menu etc.
It needs to be put in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2018\actionmaps
Backing up the old file is not a bad idea.
The fix is in line 7 and 388, for those who are interested.
I also changed indentation for convenience.
@Codemasters please fix this in the next update.

Kind regards,

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