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[SORTED] DiRT 4 PS4 - How do I turn on the wipers?

scottishjimscottishjim Member New Car Smell
Edit: Sorry - I got it sorted. I didn't see the option to turn automatic wipers off

Still doesn't clear the windscreen though!

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DiRT 4 on PS4

I've just done a stage in Fog conditions and half way through the windscreen was so dirty I couldn't see and didn't know how to turn the wipers on.

So I looked at the Input Bindings settings for my Logitech G29 and it indicates the X button for windscreen wipers.

So I repeated the stage but the wipers won't turn on!

Am I doing something wrong?

I'd really like to be able to clear the screen.
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  • ChironTheseusChironTheseus Member Co-Driver
    edited September 24
    I thought they were on automatic as standard. But you can change/see it in the configuration settings, see if another button works, maybe a fault?
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