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Name entry denied

Hello Codemasters,

I've been buying your F1 games sinds the launch of F1 2010 and i've just bought F1 2018. I've never had any issue with any of your games until now. My first name is: Mick and i've been using this name to play career mode sinds F1 2010. Now i Just started to make a profile on F1 2018. But my name: Mick gets denied every single time. (it says: Name entry denied). Every other name thats similar to my name: Rick, Sick, Kick, Nick, Jick is allowed but not Mick. I hope you guys from Codemasters can look at this because i find it very annoying.

Thanks already, 


  • bjrobbo28bjrobbo28 Member New Car Smell
    Yeah a friend of mine has had the same issue. Apparently its an offensive name to Irish people or something. Either way, they're taking the mick. 
  • MickstaMicksta Member New Car Smell
    Lol i am a quarter Canadian of Irish heritage.. I don't get how its offensive. Guess they are really talking the mick with us then.
  • paul5555paul5555 Member New Car Smell
    What are they going to do when Mick Schumacher reaches F1 then? Which seems likely given his current form
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