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Racing for Williams in F1 2018

Williams has always held a soft place in my heart so they're usually my first choice to start a lengthy career mode. Being Canadian, I like to keep Lance Stroll as my teammate.

I'm a good, but not great driver. While it varies a little, AI set at 95 with a bunch of assists turned on is about as good as I'm going to get. I'll usually judge whether I need to increase or decrease the AI difficulty based on how I do against the competition and relative to my teammate. After the first season, I'm competitive against the middle of the pack teams, but I'm routinely out qualifying Lance by a second and beating him in races by 30+ seconds running the same pit strategy.

For anybody else racing as Williams, is Lance or Sergey Sirotkin slow for you too?


  • SandSiiSandSii Member New Car Smell
    I'm finishing season 1 at Williams, no assists, master AI on a pad and Lance is so ridiculously slower than me its unreal. Except in the rain where I struggle I always out qualify him by at least a second and often end races 20+ seconds in front. There was one race in Singapore where he was somehow going for a podium after a bizarre race only for me to lockup in the wet and take him out (sigh) but apart from that I have scored like 98% of Williams points. Even after upgrading Williams to the 5th best car Lance still struggles to get to Q2 in most qualifying.
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