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F1 2019 Game Ideas



  • SlipperyRoadsSlipperyRoads Member New Car Smell
    edited December 2018
    My suggestions:
    - Manual cooldown lap after the session has finished
    - More flags (red, double yellow, white, red and yellow flag together)
    - Modify AI aggression and behaviour (make them block other cars or you)
    - Realistic physics with car
    - Walk out of car and roam freely around garage (or if stopped on track, walk into the back of an ambulance)
    - Enter into cooldown room after race
    - Driving safety car or other emergency vehicles
    - Access other parts of a track we normally don't go
    - Make cars bounce in air when in contact with wheels
    - In some severe crashes, impact catch fence or jump over walls
    - Grass, gravel trap more bumpy
    - AI making their own mistakes such as spinning out, scraping a wall, driving off course, cut a corner
    - More dynamic weather system (stormy, heavier rain)
    - Spectator mode, similar to the mode on 989 Sports F1 games, but offline races
    - More driver frustration when colliding with another car or a wall
    These suggestions can go for career, single-player and/or multiplayer
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  • SoupearJSoupearJ Member New Car Smell
    edited December 2018
    Add the ability to create your own F1 car liveries. I believe that that would be a very welcome addition.

    Also, Formula E. The new cars look so cool and really good to drive. Please add Formula E in next year.

    Finally, add new podium celebrations please. I think they have been the same since 2016.
  • RedDemolisherRedDemolisher Member New Car Smell

    Okay first thing first I have been playing since 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019 is my next stop. I play F1 cause I love the driving I've legit not completed even a single season in the career mode. I build my own season by selecting the races and Racing it out with no car issues in Grand Prix mode. (Everyone has their own preference some like the Spectacle, some love the Engineering, some love the Realism of a long season and the impact it has on your Car. I love what F1 was earlier, Come with An essentially New Car Every Race New Engine for Each Day heck even for Each Session at time's so that's what i do)

    I've put in a collective 1200 hour's between all the 3 games.

    When I think of what F1 should do to enhance the experience for ME (Personally Speaking) I think about Forza they have this thing called AUTOVISTA / FORZAVISTA where the car is placed in front of you and you can hover all around the car with a Commentary about the Car, Its Engineering stats, New Innovations, Design Philosophy, Manufacturing Processes, Achievements till Date. You can even open up the parts. Essentially a Museum for the car’s.

    This is Formula 1 The Pinnacle of Motorsport. An Engineering Slugfest Where Legends are Built with Cutting Edge Tech with the sole purpose of Bleeding Record Breaking Performance and most of all Beating Everyone to the Top of the Podium. If any Sport deserves its own Museum its Formula 1 so yeah give it A DIGITAL MUSEUM in the Form of F1 2019 but not only for the Season of 2019 but for Formula 1 as a whole. Let there be cars from the 1950’s 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s 2000’s (cause previously it was just rich guy’s in cars showing off while enjoying thrills of the fanciest toys they owned in a massive EGO Measuring contest. It arguably still is ; ) and show me how this Race Bred Technology evolved and how this Sport changed not only the world of Motorsports but also everyday road car’s itself. Which car’s were the Most Impactful which were Most Successful (not always the same thing) Which F1 Car helped create the Legends we Adore, Respect and Despise (you know you hate a few Champions). What was the Secret Sauce behind these Car’s. Who all Collaborated in Building these Fine Speed Goddesses. (History remembers the Racer, the Team, the Manufacturer and Gordon Murray but what about other’s. CODEMASTERS have the opportunity to retell History so might as well Honor those who made us Love this sport in the first place)

    Let it be Educational

    Let it be Beautiful (make the Car Models with mind blowing detail so in years to come people will appreciate it in VR)

    Make it Interactive (let me drive the car ; ) too much to ask ? I know getting it to work with accurate amount of physics will not be an easy job but it'll be worth it.

    For an added level of detail add a group pic of the Team responsible for building the car on the garage wall, and maybe even have one of them even do the voice over for the car (this will be the hardest but it’s just a suggestion)

    Same thing with the Tracks give me a run Down of it over the Years.

    When did the Gran Prix start

    Standard stat’s Distance, number of turn (and their ACTUAL name), average speed, unique feature of the the track

    Weather conditions the track is known for

    Who won it over the years

    Major Events (crash, rain,great overtake, great comeback from far behind) at the race

    What changes were made to the track.

    And let me test it out (obviously some tracks will not be playable with current gen car’s. But then again this is a game right? We gamer’s love a good challenge ; )

    Codie’s have had the right’s since 2009 right? So why not let us race cars from all those season’s i know this is probably asked of you guys alot but I would be more inclined to a career mode with this rather than just the same car every year.

    There are many tracks that were new but have not been revisited since (India, South Korea, Nurburgring, soon to be Malaysia) let us have fun at these track’s as well.

    Split screen co/op

    Custom liveries for all cars (example ferrari can have 5-7 different liveries for 2019 version alone example ferrari had 2 liveries for 2018 season. red bull has a pre testing livery)

    Let us make and share our own liveries

    Build your own team is coming we know it, mobile already has it so pc gets it next year that's simple Elementary moving on

    The new FOM has allowed you to put in your own team. these guy's are better than Bernie in that aspect at least ( more race's in the US? that too street circuits? seriously?) convince them to let you have better damage models and animations
    and make them cool as hell with ridiculous amount of particle effects and slow motion and free camera mode.

    So to summarise it all up

    Autovista version of Classic Legendary Cars (maybe even New Current gen one’s)

    Commentary about Car Performance Stats, Engineering Innovation, Race Achievements, Driver List

    Let us Drive it

    Trackista (it's a cool name)version of Classic Tracks

    When did it start

    Length, Number of turns, (the turn names), unique feature of the track, usual Weather Conditions

    Who won it over the years

    Trivia about the track (major event, great comebacks, crashes)  

    Track revision (and why) like why was Parabolica’s runoff messed with?

    Let us drive on it

    All f1 cars since 2009 onwards

    And let us drive it

    All f1 tracks 2009 onwards (even a few other if possible like Kyalami)

    and let us drive on it

    Custom team mode

    • Custom team mode in co op

    Custom Liveries

    And the ability to share it

    Alternate Liveries (ability to choose a livery from a bunch of options like red bull pre season testing)

    better crash animation's with particle effects and physics implementation with Super Slow Mo and Free Cam

    If all this is too much that i’m asking for let it be as a separate Season based DLC’s

    2009 season pack and so on

    60’s season pack and so on

    Classic Track Pack

    I will buy all of these DLC’s guaranteed. Not instantly if priced high but yeah i’ll still buy them all. Heck if you make it a NEW DLC every year say season 2019 at say 30$ then another 30$ for 2020 I’d buy it without a moment's loss rest assured as I've already invested a considerable amount of time in it. And now it's more car’s to play with on all these tracks i've already got. So new lap record on them all? Hell yeah!!

    Anyway I'm still buying f1 2019 so yeah. Some fan service here?

  • JackRDJackRD Member New Car Smell
    I think the game would be a lot better with a historic career mode or development of historic cars mainly the 1970’s cars and add some more cars from 1976 and 1975 like a lot more and have it so you can develop them in a historic career mode based in 1976 or 1975

  • JackRDJackRD Member New Car Smell
    Also also make it so you can develop cars and parts wear out in multiplayer because I love playing in a league but it would be great with development and anyone wear
  • SlipperyRoadsSlipperyRoads Member New Car Smell
    Perhaps a big improvement would be adding split-screen
    Otherwise, Scott from ITB would say "When my friend comes over, I'm gonna have to play 52-card pickup; 0/10"
  • Squaddie86Squaddie86 Member New Car Smell
    I was thinking a complete career from Karting to F1 just a thought

  • PatrickSperiPatrickSperi Member New Car Smell
    I think it would be fantastic if we could create a personal team (11th team on the grid), choosing chassis between one of the 10 real cars. If would fantastic if we could create a personal livery for the car, choosing the team equipment's colours too.
    I'd like to use this personal team in the Multiplayer/Online mode too.
    It would be a dream!
  • Flyin11Flyin11 Member New Car Smell
    edited January 2
    I'd defiantly 2nd the earlier comment about Creation Options...Didn't see it was already posted...Paint your own Car or Paint Booth, be able to use Liverys or even Decals....Create your own Team - The Sponsors are pretty boring cause you don't have a lot in F1...
  • Ramjet41Ramjet41 Member New Car Smell
    Fantastic job on Classic Cars in 2018 but 1) please have the tacho read the revs when firing up engine in pit bay & cockpit view is selected, 2) Assign a race suit to each podium driver that matches their car colour scheme instead of bland colour for everyone, 3) play respective National Anthem for winning driver & constructor country of origin, keep up the great work & great not to experience software glitches like other race games, cheers Ramjet41, South Australia
  • Ramjet41Ramjet41 Member New Car Smell
    Simply the best experience to qualify at Monaco in the Classic 79 Ferrari using manual shitfer/wheel & a race simulator - top job guys!
  • derschnellekayderschnellekay Member New Car Smell
    edited January 10
    Ich würde es gut finden, wenn man in der Feinabstimmung mehr einstellen kann (wie zum Beispiel bei GP2 -3. Das hat MicroProse 1995 schon sehr gut gelöst). Eine kurze Übersetzung ist ein kleiner Anfang bis hin zu Packer sowie langsamer Rückstoßdämpfer. 

    Beschreibung besser bei der Feinabstimmung

     auch toll wäre, WENN Kai Ebel, David Coulthard oder so Interviews machen Könnte.

    aber es gibt ja immer Luft nach oben =)

  • tk130273tk130273 Member New Car Smell
    I think you should be able to create my character, this is only because the there isn't any ones available to my choice of nationality (South Korean) 
    It would be nice to be able to create your own team, engineers etc which also means the design of  your car team. 
    To have a manager career, where you analyse things as well as racing.
    I'd also like to see that amount of fans you have, such as losing fans and gaining. Due to your actions,
    Also to have the option of having an career, from karts to get to F1 as my goal.

    Thank you :smiley:
  • GarySanders47GarySanders47 Member New Car Smell
    F1 seriously needs a manager mode like FIFA.
    We can start by creating my own team and designing the livery. At first we get few sponsors which later increases, better sponsor show up when the team does well and the car develops further.
    - Also we can create a player like FIFA games rather than just selecting any previously created driver faces in career mode.
    Also we need drivers to change teams in career mode. Like, Hamilton joins Ferrari in a shock move after the season ends! I want to see moments like that happen during the career mode.
    - And please include Formula 2 & Formula 3, a player career should start from F3 rather than jumping straightaway to drive for Mercedes.
  • mscforevermscforever Member New Car Smell
    is live commentary so hard to work in this game ? (just like FIFA,Pro Evolution Soccer and NBA 2K series)

    nice to see something like "real hud" in the game

    for example ;

    and one more thing,how about record the driver's real voices for the "team radio" not so much sentences,but a few should be good to hear in the game..
  • stephensmattleestephensmattlee Member Race Steward
    I hope for one they can do some more work on Bahrain and Singapore graphically.  To me these two tracks have been going backwards instead of forwards visually.  Maybe they had to compromise to allow for better handling mechanics, who knows..

    Here is Bahrain in F1 2015...

    Compared to how it looks in F1 2018...

    I know its not at the top of the agenda but I really can't fathom how the visuals have been going backwards in some areas.  Don't get me wrong 2018 was a huge step forward compared to 2017, minus the aliasing issues.  Small things I hope get reworked for the new game.
  • ArthurpetersArthurpeters Member New Car Smell
    I hope this game comes to the mac since I know a few people already who own a mac and own the 2017 version of the game which was available on the mac app store and would love to see the new version on there as well. Adding in custom sounds that are the same as the sound irl from that team would be a nice addition. Also night scenery can have an upgrade where i found Bahrain to be worse than the years before. Also maybe some more frequent radio updates even if you don't ask for it would be great. And The radio talk in Mexico seemed buggy this year where you couldn't understand sometimes what they were saying might be a problem with my version of the game tho. Also maybe add in more variated grid overlook by the commentators as for every race the commentary is nearly exactly the same
  • mscforevermscforever Member New Car Smell
    and one more thing to add I wish...

    national anthems before the champagne music... :smile:
  • LegendarySnipezLegendarySnipez Member New Car Smell
    Kesurrhi said:
    F1 should have the option of racing F2 and/or F3 for F1 2019
    That would be awesome 
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