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Host options online @Codemasters @Devs

BluntRSBluntRS Member Unleaded
Codemasters could we have a option in multiplayer to force cockpit and proximinty arrows off, theirs already a option to force racing line off which both are a visual assit / aids, 
racing in cockpit useing your mirrors is totally different sport to driving in t cam relaying on proximinty arrows telling you where you need to position your car to block and prevent cars from overtaking, also you got full visibility of the width of your car which encourages dive bombing into corners resulting in more incidents which so many complain about.
it doesnt prevent anyone from racing how they wish as its thier choose to join or not same as it is now with other assits
just allows like minded players to race in a lobby knowing everybody has the same restrictions.


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  • D4rioD4rio Member Wheel Nut
    I agree with the forced cockpit mode, but don't agree to disable proximity arrows.

    In cockpit mode mirrors are not visible, you have to turn your view and that can be done on straights only for obvious reasons. That is certainly not enough if the driver wants to have a clear view on what is happening around his car at any time.

    What I'm trying to say is proximity arrows are not a visual aid, but rather a safety aid and should never turned off in online races.
  • AcidBurn247AcidBurn247 Member Unleaded
    I agree with D4rio.

    Until the Mirrors is better positioned , you cannot take the Arrows away.

    We dont have enough Field of View in the Cockpit already.
  • BluntRSBluntRS Member Unleaded
    As I understand it the positions of the mirrors are out of Codemasters control,
    although not as easy as relaying on proximinty arrows, using your mirrors wilst in cockpit with a realistic FOV is completely possible, 
    just like cockpit is not as easy as T Cam hence the preferred view of choice, 
    some would say that the racing line and should never be turned off online, others say its a advantage, which in a wet race view full of spray it is easy to see and could been seen as a safety feature same as gamer tags above cars.
    if hosts had a option for every assit / aid avaible in game it wouldnt change anything to how it is now. options dont stop anyone racing how the wish to race but lack of options force some to either race in private or offline only.
  • BluntRSBluntRS Member Unleaded
    @Codemasters possible for a future patch ?
  • BluntRSBluntRS Member Unleaded
    Update ETA ?
  • BluntRSBluntRS Member Unleaded
    Update ETA ? theirs still time @ Codemasters @Devs
  • FayaFaya Member admin

    Hi @BluntRS. I have forwarded this request to the team previously for them to take a look at.  As always, I can’t say what will happen with the suggestions and requests, only that they have been sent to and seen by the team.

  • BluntRSBluntRS Member Unleaded
    @Faya Thankyou,
    if you could pass on F1 2019 purchases depend on it that would awesome.
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