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level 3 bronze

BushogBushog Member New Car Smell

what is this im a level 1 silver D, LAST GAME I JUMPED TO A LEVEL 3 BRONZE  D FOR ONE GAME THEN BACK TO LEVEL1, now im back to a level1 silver d, boy did my car handle so much different at the bronze 3 level, this SUCKS codemasters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • BushogBushog Member New Car Smell
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    Thank you for submitting your recent request to Codemasters Customer Services concerning F1 2018.

    Please can you add your details to the following thread for this issue, as this is being monitored by the development team...


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  • BushogBushog Member New Car Smell

    they don't have a clue so what do we do just keep playing

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