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No audio on multiplayer

Hi all,
Yesterday we did a 50% race in China, 20 players, no assist with OSQ on ps4 platform. 
some players, after the q, in the race have no engine audio.
Last year, if you press option and then come back to the car audio come heareable again. Yesterday evening you must close the application and rejoin the race to have back the car audio.

This happen after 1.06 update more frequently then 1.05.
Could you check?



  • HooHoo Member, Codemasters admin
    HI. We believe this issue can occur if players are still in the car setup screen when the race countdown timer expires and the start light sequence commences. Unfortunately, the pause button does not bring back the audio. We have a fix for this bug ready to go into our next patch, so please let us know us you encounter this after updating to v1.07.
  • guidomixguidomix Member Unleaded
    Many thanks for the answer. We'll wait the 1.07 and report if the issue will be present yet.
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