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Can't join a session on pc

EasyRedEasyRed Member New Car Smell
I have been trying to play f1 2018 online for the last 2-3 days, but i have seem to have run into an issue. I am stuck at the joining session screen, followed by a 2-5 minute wait. After that the error message: error failed to join the session.
It has been doing this for the last few days! But some times i am able to play a 5 lap or 25% race (some propper luck is needed to join a session).
Does any one have the same problem on pc? So yes: does any one have a fix? Or does any one know if codies is working on this?


  • GunDeviLnlGunDeviLnl Member New Car Smell
    Same here... today i cant play online at all. Keep putting me in the same room with a 1979 Ferrari car but the game wont start for everyone.. 
  • TeenierNeilb69TeenierNeilb69 Member Unleaded
    Same here
  • OxWearingSocksOxWearingSocks Member New Car Smell
    I had this a handful of times in 1.05 but now it's 90% of the time since 1.06. Not sure if it's related, or because I dropped into C safety after running wide a bunch thanks to been handed a default setup when I joined at the race stage instead of quali (track limits affecting safety rating is quite an annoyance). But if I'm going for a ranked game, I pretty much have the the end result of a "Joining Session" for 5 minutes, joining a session that's 7/18 laps on 25% race distance, and then if I luck out and get into a session I can be sitting on the loading screen with one or two of the other players having a spinning icon instead of a tick before I have to Alt F4 out. It's just impossible.

    1.06 PC version. Didn't have the problem to the anywhere near the same extent on 1.04/1.05 and I never found a session in the Beta.
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