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F1 2018 for PS4 Pro still thinks I have a G29

Hey guys,

I recently got a the F1 wheel and a CSL Elite Racing Wheel to upgrade from my Logitech G29. I LOVE IT! I've done the firmware update on the base... and it feels great in Gran Turismo Sport and Forza for Xbox X.

The problem I'm having is... F1 2018 still thinks I'm running a G29. I go into controllers and it's the only wheel listed. I can't even use the F1 wheel unless I could bend my arms into a knot.

Do I need to reinstall the game? Flush some cache? What's going on here?


  • MattsfaceMattsface Member New Car Smell
    reinstalled... still thinks I have a G29
  • MattsfaceMattsface Member New Car Smell
    All my other racing games work flawlessly I'm very disappointed. 
  • FRACTUREDFRACTURED Member, Drivers Champion
    Can you select the profile for your wheel in the calibration screens? 

    Maybe there is a custom profile which you can delete, then load the CSL profile and edit that?

    The two time, 2016/2018 F1 Beta testing Champion of the World.
  • MattsfaceMattsface Member New Car Smell
    I’ll give that a shot and come back thank you!

    .. so far I’ve done the following
    • Reinstalled F1 2018
    • Flashed the firmware on the CSL Elite wheelbase (4 times)
    • Made sure the club sport wheel is visibility via the windows calibration tool
    • Tried other wheels besides the Club Sport Wheel..

    This was one of the games I got this wheel for.. I’ll download F1 2017 and see if it works lol

  • MattsfaceMattsface Member New Car Smell
    F1 2017 does the same thing... It STILL thinks I have a G29. However Dirt 4 another Codemasters game had no issues seeing the new wheel base and was a blast to play. 

    I doubt I’ll get any more assistance, but does anyone else have any other ideas? And unfortunately the wheel is not available to be selected in the calibration settings..
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