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PS4 league

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F1R.  League 

Hello I am starting a new league for F1 2018 PS4 edition.


• PS4
• Thursday 8pm BST 
• Short qualifying 
• 50% Race 
• Equal Cars
• Standings on Codemasters forum page after every race.
• If you miss 2 races in a row you will be removed from the league. (Contact me if you can’t make it and you won’t get a strike unless you do constantly)
• Any dirty driving I will deem if you need a penalty, race ban or even worse league ban. Too many penalties and you will get a league ban.
• If you feel you have been treated unfairly by another driver put a clip on the forum and I will make a decision on the penalty.
• League will start on Thursday 20th of September 
• Invites will go out at 7:50 for all races and two will be send out so you have a back up

Sign Up info

• Reply if you are interested, here are the things you will need:
• Name
• Nationality 
• Car (availability down below)
• PSN name

Mercedes x2
Williams x2
Toro Rosso x2

When you have signed up I will send you a friends request on PS4.

The point of this league is fun, clean and friendly racing; if you are not capable of this you will be removed.

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