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A.I. In multiplayer


There seems to be some issues when you pause in multiplayer and the A.I takes over.
I had a race in Monaco yesterday evening and the safety car came out (ghosting was turned off in lobby, not my choice) so I paused for second. The A.I. decides to take my car up on to the kerb at the hairpin gets stuck and damaged the front wing.

There was also another instance in a race in Britain that I had to pause and the A.I. Pit as it was my pit lap but didnt slow down going into speed lane resulting in a stop and go penalty.

im just wondering if this is going to be patched at some point?


  • FRACTUREDFRACTURED Member, Drivers Champion
    Online AI are horrendous, the number of accidents I've seen is unreal. And they go completely nuts during the lag spikes.

    The two time, 2016/2018 F1 Beta testing Champion of the World.
  • JR6492JR6492 Member Wheel Nut
    Should of clarified better I’m talking about when the A.I. Takes over control of your car when you pause
  • JimmysladeJimmyslade Member New Car Smell
    Should of used should have

    Body is 14 characters too short.

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