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To Any Nacon Revolution Pro 2 User

So, just got the controller. 
As expected, it's a little awkward, but that's just because I'm not used to it.
Steering seems a bit sluggish after adjustments. I've tried messing with the response curve and the other stuff, but it seems that just when I get one aspect right, two others feel off.

My question is this... does anyone that uses the pad have any useful tips for setting up the steering via the Nacon settings? 


  • sanderu1983sanderu1983 Member Unleaded
    edited September 2018
    Search for f1 2017 or 2018 on the nacon site. Download a profile and upload that to the controller.
    I have the l3 en r3 buttons (Fuel mode or ERS) under the M buttons.
    Works great
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  • BelgiumDudeBelgiumDude Member Race Engineer
    edited September 2018
    Do you use the left stick to steer? I just received mine and steering is really problem. Was thinking of switching the steering to the right stick. 

    Edit, tried that and it's a disaster. Gonna need to get used to this controller
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  • sanderu1983sanderu1983 Member Unleaded
    Steering is left analog stick.
    Play with steering linearity (25 and above)and the one under it(5 and higher)

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