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Dirt Rally is better than Dirt 4...

StoryteIIerStoryteIIer Member New Car Smell
I do not think that the graphics are the most important part of the game but ...
In the Dirt Rally I liked the graphics.
And I did not expect that in the next game she will be worse ...
She should have been at least not worse!
And then I start the race and what I see...
Trees, shrubs, grass and earth all merge into an incomprehensible homogeneous mass of green(
The leaves of the trees look like colored spots!
No, seriously...
Dirt Rally was more contrasting and more beautiful.
I could not stop to consider the environment so returned the money.
It is much more pleasant to play the previous version.
In Dirt 4 only models of people are better.
It would have been cool to move them to Dirt Rally)))
Hopefully the next part will finally improve the visual part of the game.


  • Oscar97Oscar97 Member Wheel Nut
    That's the hottest take of the millenium.
  • carpacarpa Member Race Engineer
    That's legitimately a surprise. A thread in here saying DiRT Rally is better than DiRT 4, and the word 'physics' isn't mentioned once! 
    "I race to win, of course. But even before of winning, I race to race. As fast as possible"
    - Gilles Villeneuve
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