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How to get a good manual racestart on a controller

Hello everyone,
This is my first year playing a f1 game,
And im really enjoying it, im getting pretty good in every aspect of the game (have to say im playing with all assists on)
Butt one thing i really dont understand are the manual racestarts.
Im getting alot of wheelspin all the time, i have tried a lot of variations: doing less rpm, less or more throttle butt nothing helps.
And is there a difference between what to do whith dry or wet race starts?

Does somebody have any tips it will be very appreciated. Im playing with ps4 controller


  • ArthurRayArthurRay Member Unleaded
    Here's what I do hold the trigger throtle till the rev lights are barely started.
  • mattias333mattias333 Member New Car Smell
    You’ll struggle for a good start with the assists all on. Practice getting use to the game with them down. Personally I’d give a few practice races a go on medium assists an then gradually work then off. Starts massively can be helped by doing this. Otherwise you are doomed every time. 

    It’s a lot of practice An luck following that. Some tracks like real life take longer for lights out which can end up with false starts. 
  • ArthurRayArthurRay Member Unleaded
    It has taken me almost a year where I can drive without traction control.  The only assists I use are abs on low, my fingers have been broken a few times and don't work very well for controlling ERS, braking, 
  • patronaspatronas Member Wheel Nut
    Ive struggled with it been an assist user but the good starts I have getting have been threw the reaction time to lights go out had a few mega starts from getting the timing of the lights right but unfortunately it dorsnt happen that often and 1 big problem is I get no clutch bit point to see were optimum revs are it shows up but then just dissapears 
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