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Race Director Doesn't Show Repeat Tire Compounds Used

In Race Director, where it shows the Tire Compounds a driver has used in the race, it won't show the second instance of a driver using the same tire compound twice in a row.

For instance, if a Driver uses Ultra-Soft | Super-Soft | Super-Soft, the Race Director will only show Ultra-Soft | Super-Soft

Has this bug been recognized, repeatable (it seems to be ALL the time), and on the list of upcoming fixes from Codemasters?

Fun, fair, and clean racing for all skill levels!


  • moogleslammoogleslam Member Race Steward
    Will this ever be fixed?                      
    Fun, fair, and clean racing for all skill levels!
  • Tbracing007Tbracing007 Member New Car Smell
    I noticed that . What I do to see what tires they have used is go on race director select the driver you want to see then just look what tire were fitted on their pit stop lap so a driver may of started  on soft but put softs on when he pitted but will only show 1soft wheel tag next to his name at the end of race .that make sense
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