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F1 2018 Why does my game flicker purple?

When racing on any mode, my game flickers purple quite a lot and it’s really affecting my driving. All my stuff is fine as my Xbox Ones recording function records the flickering so it is in game bug. I’m on the latest version. Has anyone else encountered this issue?


  • BluntRSBluntRS Member Wheel Nut
    Yes I cant remeber who found the solution but it works, change your recording to 720p.
  • Badman1Badman1 Member New Car Smell
    It it does it when I’m not recording too. I’ll try it later. 
  • BluntRSBluntRS Member Wheel Nut
    Yea it done the same on mine until I changed it to 720p, I dont why it does it or why changing the capture resolution fixes it.

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