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Accident Today

KittyFit90KittyFit90 Member Wheel Nut
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Hey guys

Had a shocker today, was in the Adelaide Hills Rally as part of the ARC. Wasn't feeling it during the morning stages, was running plum last then comes stage 6 in the early afternoon. Driving along, still slow and then I hear from my co-driver "keep left, crest then right through dip...oh **** no, sorry" by which time I had belatedly slammed on the brakes as the turn was left not right. Luckily we just went through a fence into a paddock, bit bumpy though. As we sat there for a second after we stopped my co-driver just said "sorry kit" and I burst into tears. I just cried and cried for minutes, I dunno why, I've had way worse crashes before (once in F4 an idiot tried to late brake me into a hairpin and locked up and ran over my front left ripping it off and putting me backwards into the gravel). I just kept sobbing till a support vehicle arrived, anyway long story short I just got home from the hospital (got some bruised ribs and a sore neck, same for Sarah my co). Sarah kept apologising to me but I just didn't react fast enough (not the first time shes gotten her course notes in the wrong order), I guess I froze at the wheel as we crested and the road went left, I didn't adjust at all :(  I am way shaken up now, jittery and still teary...my partner is away again so I'm gonna ring my Dad :( Absolute shocker, I feel terrible....

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I am such a nerd LOL


  • HughesyHughesy Member Champion
    Wow, well at least it wasn't off the side of a cliff and you can live to tell the tale.
    Rallying is probably the most dangerous motorsport, it only takes one small error and it goes bad very quick.
    Reminds me of when I went on holiday to Crete. There was these off-road buggies and it was a proper hill climb, how it was legal I don't know as it was so dangerous. A guy in front of me overcooked it going into a hairpin, went flying up a banked section and hit a tree. Somehow he was totally fine, but I had a good view of it and legit thought he was dead. I wish back then we had go-pro cameras as it was insane.
  • MBKF1MBKF1 Member Moderator
    I can't find you or your co-drivers name in the ARC Adelaide Hills Rally entry list, how strange is that...
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  • KittyFit90KittyFit90 Member Wheel Nut
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    MBKF1 said:
    I can't find you or your co-drivers name in the ARC Adelaide Hills Rally entry list, how strange is that...
    Not surprising as we're not on the official entry list, like some of the other pairs aren't. If a pair are registered as amateurs and/or are not doing all stages (I've got work commitments tomorrow and couldn't make the special stage Friday night at Talem Bend either) then they don't appear on the official running list. As a result no points/prize money either. :) Hope that makes sense :)

    Also it would be pretty silly to drop someone's real name on an internet forum in a post referencing a public event where a weirdo could get ahold of a surname? Don't you agree? :p
    I am such a nerd LOL
  • McStanleyMcStanley Member Unleaded
    I’m sorry to read about this accident.

    A DiRT Games Fan
  • KittyFit90KittyFit90 Member Wheel Nut
    Having spent 3 weeks of field work reflecting on things I came to a decision. I'm hanging up my helmet, for good this time...I feel like my nerves have gone. One too many accidents I reckon, I wasn't enjoying it to the same degree this year anyway. So I'm gonna sell my Civic and stick my gear in a box which I will lose in the bottom of my closet soon enough :) Besides I have 6 brand new fossils to examine in the lab, that will take months! :D
    I am such a nerd LOL
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