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Onrush Online Issues

Hello, I'm playing the current summerslam ranked mode in onrush on Playstation 4. And I was wondering if there are other thavn me that Sr experiencing "Network Errors" and getting booted from the match, and get penalties for not finishing the match.. It hurts my rank, and I know it's not my wifi having issues because my wifi is perfectly fine in other online games. It only occurs in Onrush.. (playing on Ps4 Pro on a wired connection) and it's a pretty good wifi.. It is very annoying to keep losing ranks because of the network error issues frequently occurring. I have tried rebuilding the ps4 database.. And also reinstalling the Onrush Game itself.. Nothing seems to fix it. Also tried rebooting the router to see if that was the issue. But to me it seems like it's the game itself.. Any tips or anybody else having the same issues on their platform of choice?
Psn: Danieleriksen66


  • tedy02tedy02 Member New Car Smell
    SAME PROBLEM AFTER PURCHASING ADDONS!!!! PLEASE HELP!  Nothing to do with Network, but error message says the same.  Xbox One.
  • DanielEriksen66DanielEriksen66 Member New Car Smell
    It is so annoying... I hope they fix it. I didn't buy deluxe edition tho.. But still..
    Psn: Danieleriksen66
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