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What GPU is best/ideal for running triple screens at ultra?

Hey Gang, looking to upgrade my gpu to something that’ll allow me to run f1 2018 at highest graphics settings or close to, on triple monitors. What card would you suggest?

Also, is my pc too outdated to even bother? Currently using triple screens but on low settings.

CPU: i5 3470 @ 3.20 GHz
GPU: GTX 650 ti boost
Windows 7

Thanks in advance!


  • UP100UP100 Member Race Engineer
    Hey! Welcome to the forums. I can't really assist with this as I know the bare minimum information about GPUs. I suggest searching for some benchmarks. What I can say is that GTX 1050 can't run the game on ultra, so the GPU at least has to be better than that.

    @Hoo sorry for tagging you, but do you have any data about this?
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