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DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book – 28/09/18 | Codemasters Blog



  • MarkG99MarkG99 Member New Car Smell
    Man…I hate to sound this way because I’m sure you all are hard at work, producing the best rally sim you can, but **** Christ, how in the world do you leave the VR community out like this? Dirt Rally 1 is the reason I bought VR!

    I don’t doubt the time and energy you need to place VR in the game, but this is a BAD look for Codemasters in the sim racing community. Ya’ll are getting blasted everywhere for this **** poor decision. I’ve been a fan of all your games for years but had to skip out on Dirt 4 and I would hate to skip out on Dirt Rally 2 but you’re giving me no option. Please make VR a priority post launch. I am not giving you any money for anything less.
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