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F1 2018! Sugestion assist option + Time trial replays!

Hi, I enjoy the Codemasters F1 2018 game and I have a suggestion/idea for an assist option to be integrated in the game. I would like to learn playing without the dynamic racing line and i think it would be nice if it were made an option to select "highlite sugested breaking point indicator" for dry and wet, given you reach optimal speed. for instance a 3D red arrow bouncing up and down above the correct distance sign, "150 mm" for example, or the black box, flag indicator. Ofc this never tell you the exact braking point for any speed, just the recommanded referance point. I allways overshoot when i turn of the dynamic racing line.

Also it would be nice if it's possible to watch replay of the ghost in time trial to see what the best players do.

What do you guys think?


  • agnusrockagnusrock Member New Car Smell
    The f1 2018  can be seen in this comparative, should not have this downgrade in the  effects of spray f1 2018.Can not just leave the same as the 2017 in the  next updates?

    Realistic 2017

    it looks like a downgrade 2018

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