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Patch Notes for 1.10 – Discussion Thread

FayaFaya Member admin

Hi everyone and welcome to the Patch 1.10 discussion thread.

Patch 1.10 is being released for PC today, PS4 and Xbox One to follow soon (subject to first party approval). You can find the full patch notes here.

If something from this patch is not working the way it should, let us know in this thread. 

Please post anything else not related to this patch in the Technical Assistance forums here.

Thanks all!




  • GungnerGungner Member New Car Smell
    Thank you for the improvement with interviews!
    Was getting boring to get the same questions, season in and season out. 
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  • TurtlemooseTurtlemoose Member Pit Crew
    Track rubbering in and marbles is the interesting one.

  • sanderu1983sanderu1983 Member Unleaded
    Is the also mean that tire temps for pad racers is better? The update Lee said on twitter?
  • TurtlemooseTurtlemoose Member Pit Crew
    Is the also mean that tire temps for pad racers is better? The update Lee said on twitter?
    We can dream................
  • KiLLu12258KiLLu12258 Member Unleaded
    edited October 1
    how about finally fixing those visitor sound bug with the max rpm? @Faya

    German F1 League
  • loganfallonloganfallon Member New Car Smell
    And as for the difference of FPS in each frame of loading of the game, it does not have as fixed it at 60fps for everything.
  • Djip123Djip123 Member New Car Smell
    Have you thought about fixing those weirdo Strict cornor rules ? Driving on a straight -> Going a bit wide -> Invalidated time ?!?!
  • TurtlemooseTurtlemoose Member Pit Crew
    Djip123 said:
    Have you thought about fixing those weirdo Strict cornor rules ? Driving on a straight -> Going a bit wide -> Invalidated time ?!?!
    I have to defend codies here - 2017 it was awful and it does seem a bit mote lenient/understanding when you run wide and lose time on 2018.  
  • mixmax83mixmax83 Member Unleaded
    edited October 1

    hi @faya in the patch notes I read that there are improvements with Claire, but I noticed that this problem has not been fixed. do you know if it will be fixed in the patch 1.11?


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  • RickFlare96RickFlare96 Member Wheel Nut
    Still having stuttering problems during gameplay and replays on PC @Faya


  • Greg76110Greg76110 Member New Car Smell
    Can you detail "Fixed an issue with the track rubbering in and marbles not working", because I'm not sure I understood correctly. @Faya
  • bassserbassser Member Wheel Nut
    Aaaaaand the flashback bug is still not fixed...
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  • fattier71fattier71 Member New Car Smell
    Dear @Faya

    What about the bug that causes the race ending before the last lap ? 

  • YiscYisc Member New Car Smell
    Still having stuttering problems during gameplay and replays on PC @Faya
    bassser said:
    Aaaaaand the flashback bug is still not fixed...

    Have both of you read the patch notes of patch 1.10?

    Both things aren't mentioned in there to be fixed, so it's not surprising that the issues are still there.

  • PilskePilske Member New Car Smell
    @faya When are the online bugs gonna be fixed without causing new bugs?
  • DeltaNiwaXDeltaNiwaX Member Wheel Nut
    @faya we still need the spectator stuff to be fixed, being able to see fuel loads again, being able to see when someones crashed again. Weather guide for spectators? tyre wear etc. We need more stuff for spectators/commentators for league not less. 
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  • pijinpijin Member Race Engineer
    fattier71 said:
    Dear @Faya

    What about the bug that causes the race ending before the last lap ? 

    That’s a realism feature. It’s called the Winnie Harlow.
  • elreyguruelreyguru Member New Car Smell

    Desde Uruguay les escribo tengo una pregunta de f1 2018 a codemasters desde los primeros parches que sacaron de f1 2018 hasta la fecha que van por el 1.9 en carrera profesional sigue pasando que en la salida del box los coches se chocan y quedan todos chocándose uno a los otros hay salto de imagen cuando guardas una partida y la cargas el tiempo que hiciste te lo bajan en 20 segundos hay vueltas en menos de un segundo en una vuelta completa cuando pasas de una temporada a otra en la central del piloto hay audio y queda la pantalla en **** al inicio de la temporada los relatos no es como que comienza una nueva temporada es como una carrera mas en la presentación del circuito no están mas los puntos de elevación del circuito que el año pasado estaba la verdad que me cuesta creer un juego que hay meses para desarrollarlo tenga tantos errores y estén sacando actualización seguida por no haber probado bien el juego con horas y horas en su sede tienen la licencia oficial de la f1 pero el juego pienso yo que no está la altura tiene novedades con respecto al año pasado como entrevista coches clásicos el sonido de los autos fue mejorado los diseños también pero en esta entrega del f1 2018 pensé que iba ser superior ejemplo los circuitos hacerlos nuevos el ambiente de fuera de la pista como los espectadores reglamentos de la f1 ejemplos en este juego solo se muestra bandera **** bandera amarilla bandera azul hay que hacerlo mas realista al juego y dedicar mas tiempo en desarrollo creo que tendrían que escuchar mas a todas las comunidades ustedes son desarrolladores del juego pero tengan en cuenta que la gente en su mayoría que compra el juego es gente que domingo tras domingo ve la formula uno y los podían hacer mas realista el juego en la plataforma que juego yo de ps4 no se si todos estos errores que tiene este juego serán solucionado y que en un parche solucionen la mayoría de errores y no saquen un parche cada 7 días o mas Gracias


  • elreyguruelreyguru Member New Car Smell
    From Uruguay I write I have a question from f1 2018 to codemasters from the first patches that took from f1 2018 to the date they go for the 1.9 in professional career it continues happening that in the exit of the box the cars collide and they are all colliding one to the others there is a jump of image when you save a game and the loads the time that you did you lower it in 20 seconds there are turns in less than a second in a complete turn when you pass from one season to another in the central of the pilot there is audio and the screen in **** at the beginning of the season the stories is not like the beginning of a new season is like a race more in the presentation of the circuit are no longer the points of elevation of the circuit that last year was the truth that I it's hard to believe a game that there are months to develop it have so many errors and are getting updated followed by not having tested the game well with hours and hours in its headquarters have the official license of the f1 but the game I think that is not up to date has new features compared to last year as interview classic cars the sound of the cars was improved the designs too but in this installment of f1 2018 I thought it would be superior example the circuits make them new the environment of off the track as the spectators regulations of the f1 examples in this game only flag shown **** yellow flag blue flag must be made more realistic to the game and devote more time in development I think they would have to listen more to all communities you are developers of the game but keep in mind that most people who buy the game are people that Sunday after Sunday see the formula one and could make them more realistic the game on the platform that I play ps4 do not know if all these errors that this game has will be solved and that in a patch they solve most errors and do not remove a patch every 7 days or more Thanks

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