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Weird Rendering Issue: Black Triangles on awnings/sponsors/bridges

Hi there, Recently I've noticed weird black triangles around numerous tracks on sponsorship boards, grandstand roofs and bridges at multiple tracks. I've fiddled with the settings and they still appear. It's very annoying. Any advice please?

A couple of screenshots to show what I mean (look towards the top of the bridges and grandstands)


  • QrazzoQrazzo Member New Car Smell
    edited November 2018
    I have experienced this problem a few times now, when the halo and sponsor boards don't render right.

    The problem are the black "boxes" on top of the halo and on the top of the sponsor board on the bridge.

    Anyone else who has this problem or knows a solution to this?
    Many thanks in advance

    Video settings:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <hardware_settings_config applyOOTB="false">
        <cpu name="AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor            " processors="8" processorStride="1" processorBinding="1" />
        <graphics_card deviceId="0x1C03" rating="4">
            <resolution width="2560" height="1440" displayMode="1" vsync="false" vsyncInterval="auto">
                <refreshRate numerator="143998" denominator="1000" />
                <windowPosition x="0" y="0" />
                <outputMonitor index="1" />
                <aspectRatio auto="false" width="16" height="9" />
                <hdr mode="0" peakNits="1000" />
            <dbox enabled="false" />
            <udp enabled="false" broadcast="false" ip="" port="20777" sendRate="20" format="2018" />
        <antialiasing taa="true" checkerboard="false" />
        <ssao enabled="true" algorithm="3" />
        <ssrt enabled="true" quality="4" />
        <ssrt_shadows enabled="false" />
        <texture_streaming sizeInMiB="768" texelDensityBias="0.0" concurrentTextureSwaps="1" />
        <led_display fanatecNativeSupport="false" sliProNativeSupport="false" sliProForceBrightness="127" />
        <anisotropic_filter level="16" />
        <lighting quality="2" />
        <postprocess motionBlur="true" godRays="true" depthOfField="true" lensStreak="true" lensFlare="true" bloom="true" />
        <shadows enabled="true" skyShadowMapSize="2048" skyShadowCascadeCount="4" skyShadowLowLod="false" worldShadowMapSize="2048" skyShadowMap32Bits="true" nightShadowMapSize="2048" nightShadowCharacterCast="true" nightShadowSourceCount="4" sampling="2" spotShadowMapSize="1024" spotShadowSampling="2" crowdInShadows="false" />
        <smoke_shadows enabled="true" mapSize="512" opacity="1.0" envOpacity="0.45" updateRate="2" />
        <advanced_smoke_shadows enabled="false" />
        <particles enabled="true" distanceScale="1.0" rate="1.0" high="true" />
        <crowd billboardPercentage="50" lod0Distance="4" lod1Distance="10" lod2Distance="25" lod3Distance="70" billboardDistance="700" finDistance="1000" lod0Quantity="5" lod1Quantity="20" lod2Quantity="50" lod3Quantity="300" billboardQuantity="2800" finQuantity="5000" propQuantity="50" />
        <vehicle_reflections envMapScale="1.0" envMapUpdateMode="alternate" envMapRenderMode="carsAndCharacters" cubeMapEnabled="true" cubeMapScale="1.0" cubeMapUpdateMode="oddsThenEvens" />
        <mirrors mirrorsUpdateMode="both" mirrorsRenderMode="carsAndCharacters" treesInMirrors="true" crowdInMirrors="true" highDetailMirrors="true" highDetailTyresAndCar="true" particlesInMirrors="true" />
        <weather_effects rainSplashes="true" rainSheets="true" rainBeads="true" rainHigh="true" trackHeatHaze="true" planarReflectionsEnabled="true" planarReflectionsRTScale="1.0" planarReflectionsMipTailBlur="true" proceduralCloudRTScale="4.0" proceduralCloudTiling="7" proceduralCloudQuality="1" />
        <ground_cover enabled="true" grassFlattening="true" drawDistance="120.0" />
        <dynamic_hair quality="1" />
        <skidmarks enabled="true" parallax="true" />
        <skidmarks_blending enabled="false" />
        <audio radioDeviceId="" audioUpdateRate="1" useXAudio2="false" />
        <async_compute enabled="true" />
        <vendor_shader_pack enabled="true" />

    PC specs:
    Ryzen 1600
    16 GB RAM 3000mhz
    GTX 1060 6gb (overclocked)
    Game is on boot drive, which is a SSD

    EDIT: Video now on public
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  • HooHoo Member, Codemasters admin
    Hello @Boffinater - are you able to let us know your system specs and graphics settings used in the game? Thanks.
  • BoffinaterBoffinater Member New Car Smell
    @Hoo Hi there,
    Here are my system specs and in-game graphics specs:

    The graphics card is a Nvidia 980Ti

  • HooHoo Member, Codemasters admin
    Hi @Boffinater. Would you also be able to let me know what settings you are using in the Video Mode options? Thanks.
  • BoffinaterBoffinater Member New Car Smell
    @Hoo Here are my video settings

  • HooHoo Member, Codemasters admin
    Thanks @Boffinater. I think the issue may be related to using TAA checkerboard. We're taking a look now. In the meantime, try changing to full TAA and see if the problem goes away.

  • BoffinaterBoffinater Member New Car Smell
    @Hoo I tried turning the TAA to full, as you recommended, and the problem is still there

  • HooHoo Member, Codemasters admin
    Ok, thanks for the update. I'll pass this onto the dev team.
  • QrazzoQrazzo Member New Car Smell
    http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/140700/f1-2018-pc-weird-rendering-of-halo-and-sponsor-boards#latest I posted this thread about the same Issue, maybe this provides some more information

  • HooHoo Member, Codemasters admin
    Merging with another thread.            
  • HooHoo Member, Codemasters admin

    We've got a potential fix for this issue in our DX12 beta branch. We are hoping to roll this into our main game, but if you are happy to check out the DX12 beta and confirm whether the issue is resolved that would be great. 

    The DX12 beta info is here: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/141667/the-f1-2018-dx12-beta.

  • QrazzoQrazzo Member New Car Smell
    I am trying it out, and haven't had an issue yet on the dx12 version
  • MicMillerMicMiller Member New Car Smell
    take old nvidia drivers from version 399.xxx, then everything is fine again.
  • ATSSHDATSSHD Member New Car Smell
    DX12 solves the problem, but for some reason i can't install older drivers.
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