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DiRT 4 Pro Tour - Steam - Let's play

When DiRT 4 got announced we did a similar thing with the #HappyStreet (8 friends in a Rallycross lobby) achievement from DiRT Rally, so I thought now DiRT Rally 2.0 is announced this could be a good time to get the community together once again and get some DiRT 4 Pro Tour action going on.

Since it seems to be impossible to do any Pro Tour these days, I thought it might be a good idea to see if we can enough (at least 4) people together to get some races going.

I'll be available nearly daily from 7pm to 11pm CET (GMT + 1).

Please reply with your Steam profile and add me on Steam (profile is in signature) and I'll make sure to get some people together.

You can join our group chat by clicking this link: https://s.team/chat/mDNU4J2i

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