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DLC Rally Cars for DiRT Rally 2.0



  • AIPacinoAIPacino Member Wheel Nut
    edited October 2018
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI (1999/2000/2001)
    Dreaming is still free nowadays :P                          
  • Jii7Jii7 Member New Car Smell
    edited October 2018
    Mazda RX-7 Group B RWD
    Toyota Celica GT4 ST185 Group A
    Toyota GT86 R3
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 3 Group A (upgrade the Evo 6 to 6.5 and move it to 2000's class)
    Peugeot 206 WRC

    Really hope that Codies work out the licence stuff with Toyota since Milestone got the ST185 and GT86 R3 in Gravel.
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  • DidzisDidzis Member Team Principal
    Citroen Xsara (2002)
    Or a BRZ
    Some other cars that would be cool to see
    Porsche 959
    Ferrari 308 GTB Rally
    Colin McRae R4
    Ford Transit WRC / Citroen 2CV / Dallenbach Special - we need some 'unusual' cars too
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  • ThierryNeuvilleThierryNeuville Member Petrol Head
    I would love to see the Ex P-WRC and J-WRC Rally Cars,... mostly the Prodrive Subaru Impreza ,... Especially the N11 

    I mean,... isn't she lovely in tarmac spec?

    P.S. With her night vision on she is even more lovely!!! o:) o:) ;)
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  • coolieboycoolieboy Member, Drivers Race Engineer
    Toyota Corolla WRC (1998-1999)
    Would like to see the ford escort cosworth or Renault Megane.
  • mesamesa Member Co-Driver

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  • gk9147gk9147 Member Unleaded
    i want all car in you list ,rally game need big content many DLC with more country and more car  
  • AIPacinoAIPacino Member Wheel Nut
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI (1999/2000/2001)
    Let's give this a little bump.                                  
  • Madhun1967Madhun1967 Member Pit Crew
    Toyota Corolla WRC (1998-1999)
    Legacy RS and 1997 WRC Subaru 22b  please 
  • DytutDytut Member Champion
    edited November 2018
    Toyota Corolla WRC (1998-1999)
    Was torn between the Xsara and Corolla, but the Corolla is more iconic for me. 

    Edit: But the Celica would be even better..
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  • tbtstttbtstt Member Champion
    Legacy RS and 1997 WRC Subaru 22b  please 

    "If In Doubt, Flat Out!"

  • JepserttiJepsertti Member Race Engineer
    Peugeot 206 WRC
    tbtstt said:
    Legacy RS and 1997 WRC Subaru 22b  please 
    Subaru Impreza 22B WRX S1E2 STi quattro WRC

    *evil laugh*
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  • Chewy21398Chewy21398 Member New Car Smell
    Would like to see the return of group N to a rally game and some modified rally cars like the mk2 escort but with a 2.5 Millington engine ,civic eg6 and a Vauxhall nova 
  • RacesimfanRacesimfan Member New Car Smell
    Would love to see the SAAB 96 added, but I assume it won't happen since even wikipedia doesn't know who actually owns the brand name SAAB.
  • SkyRexSkyRex Member Petrol Head
    Excluding WRC cars, and some stock(grp N), this would be my pick:

  • DytutDytut Member Champion
    Toyota Corolla WRC (1998-1999)
    As I'm a Swede, an old SAAB and a Volvo 240 would be cool. 
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  • Chewy21398Chewy21398 Member New Car Smell
    Would like to see s11,s12,s14. Vauxhall nova(Good chance of this because it was jons first car)ds3 r3 +r5, Peugeot 208 r2+r5 with the real engine unlike dirt 4.Tania,fiesta,207 s2000(interested to see the time difference between the r5 versions)Honda civic 98, fiesta wrc, mini wrc, 05 focous, ds3wrc. Toyota twincam, proper evo 8 grp N and imprezza group N also 
  • zombienationzombienation Member New Car Smell
    edited December 2018
    i hope the Lancia Delta S4 (Group B ) will be still available...

  • PierreND1PierreND1 Member New Car Smell
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI (1999/2000/2001)
    Ferrari 308 GTB
    Porsche 911 SC
    Alfa Romeo GTV6
    Alfa Romeo GTV 2000/1750
    Mitsubishi EVO VI
    Saab 96 V4
    Fiat 124 Abarth Rally
    BMW 635
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