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Wet weather

I got the game yesterday (I've bought it every year since 2015 - last time I posted in here was 2016 I think) and as usual I'm playing with no assists. I'm the first to admit I'm not the best driver out there, but after Time Trialling in Australia in the dry for a couple of hours last night I was really impressed with how it feels this year and even happier to see that, judging by the leaderboards, no assists are finally quicker than medium TC, as they should be .

Anyway, after my couple of hours play last night using my no doubt sub-standard setup I finished with a 1:23.0 as my fastest so far in the Ferrari ,top 32%, and 4.3 seconds off the top. Today I did a 100% distance race as Kimi starting 20th with no dive-bombing allowed and finished 6th against 90 AI. My fastest lap was 1 second slower than Hamilton and Bottas, Vettel retired. "Fair enough, I'm happy with that for my first time playing this year", I said to myself. Happy that this year's game felt like the best one to date I thought I'd check out the wet by Time Trialling, again in Australia.

I've just spent the last 4 hours on it and I've managed to make it around the whole lap precisely 11 times, achieving a time 9 seconds off the fastest on the wet leaderboards twice. I included the preceding paragraphs to show that I'm not utterly abysmal; I play with a pad on ps4 so don't expect to be up there with the very best , or even the majority of wheel owners, but seeing as my assist settings are set to "elite" every year could someone from Codemasters please explain how they expect me,and no doubt a few other people too, to ever complete a race of 50, 60, or 70 laps in the wet when pressing the accelerator button in 1 millimetre more than you should in a turn before the car is completely straight causes you to slide off the track with precisely 0% chance of rectifying the situation? Since 1) up -shifting, 2) getting off the throttle completely, 3) opening the steering, and 4) jiggling the steering quickly from side to side all have no effect could one of your genius playtesters please tell me what I'm supposed to do? Or did you just not bother playing it on a pad in the wet with no TC for anything more than a lap at a time? Could you explain where you thought the fun would lie in such a situation?

I can save a slide on the straights ok but just what precisely am I supposed to do when I start sliding while turning because I've committed the heinous crime of getting on the throttle a miniscule amount too much coming out of or going through a turn? You don't seriously expect me to press the R2 button in with millimetre precision every single time for an hour and 40 minutes at a time, do you, every time I'm faced with a wet race? I thought it was bad enough last year in the wet without assists but somehow you've made it even less manageable which is mystifying when you've improved the dry handling so much,and I've watched a multitude of streamers who drive without assists put in lap after lap of consistent good times in the dry online and then it rains and they're in the barriers after the first turn, or worse they just quit from the session because they're only too well aware it's pointless to even try,and so I know it's not just me.

I've also just gone through the first couple of screens of career and it seems I can't turn weather off, is this correct? Would you please explain why you won't let me do that even if it meant i just forfeited having a career score at all? I don't care how I rank against anyone else in career mode so why can't I just turn the weather off to play the game I bought the way I want to play it? You don't really think I'm going to have more fun having to use 15 million flashbacks per race every time it rains or, worse still, simply simulating such races so I can move on to the next dry weekend, do you?

Although all of the above is aimed primarily at whoever it is from Codemasters these days who supposedly checks this forum I'd welcome anyone else's views / advice / or whatever on the subject too.



  • Dez0808Dez0808 Member Pit Crew
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    I play same setup as you. Had little to no rain but when I did I found had to run in lean and wait for car to be straight before pressing throttle. Once I did this I found it manageable and had the pace of ai
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  • JonnyHoonitJonnyHoonit Member New Car Smell
    Open dif (0%) will make all the difference. You won’t have to rely on so much aero that way.
  • PatrickTuckerPatrickTucker Member Unleaded
    The pace with no assists is difficult for sure. Try lowering the ers in the low traction areas. It puts less torque to the rears. 
    realSpirit_of_76    PS4
  • johnboy83johnboy83 Member New Car Smell
    Have you tried changing your controller settings, the throttle linearity in particular? I couldn’t race with TC off at all, I found in the dry even the finest movement of the trigger would send me spinning off. Then i decided to play around with some settings, whacked up the linearity to 100, to make the start of the press of the button less sensitive, and managed to nail it with no TC, and wet weather has not given me a major headache really. I was able to keep up with the majority of pack, in a Williams, around Montreal in the wet on 95 difficult and just ABS assist turned on. 
  • oner7oner7 Member Unleaded
    drop tyre pressures as low as possible...
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