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Can't host any Multiplayer-Session on PS4


I've got the problem that i'd like to play a multiplayer-game against a friend of mine (No-Ranking), but when i create a new session, my status is on "minus", and when i click on my name, i only can chose between "mute", "unmute" and profile info. But i can not join my own session. Neither can my friend. He's getting an error-message.

I've got the last update installed. 1.10.
I have no problems joining the sessions of other players, but i can not host one.

Maybe i'm doing something wrong?
Does anybody have some help for me?

many greetings



  • FayaFaya Member admin

    Hi @dschiesses,   

    From what you’ve said, it sounds like the lobby is correct and that you’ve created and entered your own lobby fine. When you’re inviting your friend, are they finding your lobby or are you inviting them? Can you let me know what their error message says?

    Could you also check your router settings to see if you can get a connection with your friends? To do this, go to your PS4 network settings on your system menu by going to Settings - Network – and then Test internet connect.

    Test your internet connection and find out your Nat Type. If it’s 3, you may not be able to have your friend connect and you might need to re-configure your router so that they can connect to you. 

  • dschiessesdschiesses Member New Car Smell
    Hello Faya

    Thanks a lot for the quick answer.

    My friend is not finding my lobby in any list. I always have to invite him. But he can't connect to the lobby.

    The error-message says: error HP426.0157. and that the session has expired.

    I also tested my internet connection on the settings, but there, everything seems fine.

    Nat type is 2.

    many greetings


  • FayaFaya Member admin
    Thanks for the response @dschiesses. I'm going to poke the network team, I may be back with more questions.  

  • dschiessesdschiesses Member New Car Smell
    Yay, thank you so much! :smiley:  Maybe there will be a solution.

  • dschiessesdschiesses Member New Car Smell
    Hm, maybe got any new about that already?
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