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F! 2018 Lag/stutter in intro screen and loading game screen

Hoppus117Hoppus117 Member New Car Smell
Hello codemaster staff,

I'm having this problem since version 1.03 of the PC game (it's the first one I've played since I bought the game). Now I play the 1.10 version.

When I launch the game with steam, the intro (the one with the lights that turn on and then when he asks me to press the options button) have a very annoying lag. this happens even during the loading of the tracks, both in time trial and when I make a GP.

I have a video demonstration of the problem and the info file DxDiag. Let me know as soon as possible thanks!

My PC Specs
xeon e3 1231 v3 (i7 4770)
GTX 1060 6 Gb
16gb Ram

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  • Hoppus117Hoppus117 Member New Car Smell
    codemaster guys please, can anyone help me solve the problem?
  • TurtlemooseTurtlemoose Member Pit Crew
    Since 3rd October - Codemasters haven't solved a bean - Esports is running which is their pride and glory since they are in the spotlight.

    No doubt us 99.9% of paying customers who are not on Esports will be looked after next week hopefully
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