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Online Invalidated Lap Glitch - League race breaking glitch

7thGearRL7thGearRL Member, Drivers Wheel Nut
Hi all,

Major glitch online where you set an invalidated lap in qualifying, you return to the pits and it counts and it's no longer invalidated. So can be easily exploited or accidentally done by drivers.

It happens every time without fail seemingly in unranked lobbies (League racing). 

Test it out and see for yourself. 


  • sirio994sirio994 Member Wheel Nut
    I wrote it in another thread. It happened to me in offline modes too....

    Never experienced it before patch 1.10
  • FayaFaya Member admin
    Hi there!

    Thanks for the report, I'm checking with the team about this now. 

    Also I'm going to move this to the Technical Assistance forum so it's in the right place. Thanks! 
  • AlexTTAlexTT Member Pit Crew
    Now I understand the ridiculous difference in Qualifying times online! I was wondering how on earth people were 2+ seconds faster all the time in qualifying but in race they were nowhere 
    If it ain’t dutch, it ain’t much 

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