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PC | SOR is looking for full time drivers

MaplelelMaplelel Member New Car Smell
edited October 10 in F1 Games - Leagues
-Race day: Tuesday
-Qualifying start: 19:30 CET/Berlin time
-Race start: approximately 19:48 CET/Berlin time

-Tracks you need to do time trial on in order to get in a split: France(Wet), Germany, Brazil
-Split 1>4:4.074<Split 2>4:06.932<Split 3

-Assist restrictions
Brake assist: OFF
ABS: OFF in split 1 (Allowed in other splits)
Raceing line: Corner only
Gearbox: Manual in split 1 (Allowed in other splits)
Traction controll: Medium in split 1 (Full in other splits)
Pit assist: OFF
Manual start: ON
ERS deployment: Manual
-Race settings:
Safety Car: ON
Formation Lap: OFF
Race lenght: 50%
Qualifying lenght: Short(18 minutes)

If you are interested make sure to write to an admin once you are on the discord server
There are extra fun races on the friday and almost every 2nd month an event so even if you don't want to join as a driver you can join as a community member and take part in those races


  • MaplelelMaplelel Member New Car Smell
    Still looking for drivers in split 1 and in assist splits aswell
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