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[PC] Logitech G920 Sensitivity Problem!

Hi guys! So I've recently bought F1 2018 for the PC and I've been playing it with my G920 wheel. It worked well since the past week until now. The problem is when I turn my wheel to the right just a tiny bit, it rotates to a full 100% right, same thing goes to the left side. Buttons, pedals and the transmission pedals are fully working and has no problem. Is there a solution for this? Thanks!


  • StefanClaassenStefanClaassen Member Unleaded
    edited October 11
    Do you play other racing games? I know there was some issue with owning both f1 2018 and Project Cars. Don't remember how to fix it, maybe you could do a google search.
  • MasterJugitsuMasterJugitsu Member New Car Smell
    Yeah, I play Assetto Corsa and it also have the same problem. I tried searching it up on google but I can't seem to find any.
  • FRACTUREDFRACTURED Member, Drivers Champion
    So if you input say 90 degrees of right lock, you get full lock in game? 

    You could delete the controller profile in game, recalibrate the wheel in the profiler and set it all up again.
    Sounds like something in wheel advanced settings. Do you use 900 degrees with a lot of steering saturation? Or 360/270?
    If its locked to 270 in the profiler maybe its at 900 in game so 90 degrees becomes 300 or something. 

    The two time, 2016/2018 F1 Beta testing Champion of the World.
  • StefanClaassenStefanClaassen Member Unleaded
    Do you use logitech gaming software?
    I have the same wheel, no problems.
  • MasterJugitsuMasterJugitsu Member New Car Smell
    @FRACTURED Yes I always get a full lock rotation in the two racing games I'm currently playing no matter how many degrees is rotated. I'm not sure how many degrees I'm using for the wheel.
  • MasterJugitsuMasterJugitsu Member New Car Smell
    @StefanClaassen Yes I'm using the logitech gaming software. Just now I am connecting the wheel to my PC and it is not recognising the wheel.
  • StefanClaassenStefanClaassen Member Unleaded
    You need to setup the wheel in logitech gaming software for each game. Took me a while to figure it out too.
  • MasterJugitsuMasterJugitsu Member New Car Smell
    @StefanClaassen Alright, I'll try and do that soon thanks for your help.
  • StefanClaassenStefanClaassen Member Unleaded
    No problem, hope you've got it working, it's a great wheel. If it ever breakes I'm buying a new one.
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