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Car losing power without Power Unit wear

Was racing in France with Ferrari. Could keep up with both Merc and my team mate on Supersoft. After switching on the Soft tyre suddenly i lost straight line speed like crazy. At the end of sector 2 for example i was almost 14 kmh slower than Vettel and the Mercs (in highest engine mode). Any idea what has happened? I have no clue. 


  • tarrantinotarrantino Member Co-Driver
    Is it less traction on the harder tyre causing you to be slow out the corner?
  • PR3D4TORPR3D4TOR Member Unleaded
    Not really i instantly noticed Hamilton pull away from me although i could keep up with him and Vettel on Supersoft. 
  • wenjunyang1990wenjunyang1990 Member New Car Smell
    check tyres and brakes temps. they maybe overheat.
  • CaptainAustCaptainAust Member Petrol Head
    What about gearbox wear??

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  • PR3D4TORPR3D4TOR Member Unleaded
    No, no issues. I have no idea what it was. Have to check again with a different setup/car. 
  • Redna1LRedna1L Member New Car Smell
    Had this very same issue while racing online with a friend and AI. Could see no adverse engine/gearbox wear and tyres were still ok but on the back straight going through 130R I couldn't even hit 8th gear.
  • FayaFaya Member admin
    Hi @PR3D4TOR, thanks for posting. You wouldn't happen to have any video of this happening, please? 


  • ChironTheseusChironTheseus Member Co-Driver
    Heard a lot of chat on threads commenting this, many seem to think there is an issue you can refresh by mid race save then reloading. I have noticed in a couple of races switching tyres and rivals also switching to the same the times aren't consistent as with a previous tyre but I've just taken it as a known bug but I guess not. Will pay more attention to my own races and gather info if it happens again.
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  • PR3D4TORPR3D4TOR Member Unleaded
    Sorry, no video unless replays are saved automatically. Ill try to recreate it in a new career. 
  • MetzgerovMetzgerov Member Unleaded
    Not sure if you checked your controls but I have had 5-6 times where my throttle was only hitting 93% in the game. I adjusted the sensitivity and it fixed. Not sure if its my pedals but it comes and goes.
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