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Invictus Racing Leagues - F1 2018 Recruitment Open (Spaces Available)

Invictus Racing Leagues are a UK based Racing site which was created in 2016 by a group of drivers who have a wealth of online racing experience. Invictus Racing Leagues offer competitive online racing in a mature and respectful community environment. We are an established racing site that offers clean and competitive racing.

Invictus Racing Leagues are preparing for F1 2018 and are welcoming new members who are dedicated to F1 online racing. We provide a friendly, but competitive environment for like-minded individuals who enjoy close competitive racing and those who wish to challenge themselves against established and successful drivers. Invictus Racing Leagues offer the following Leagues to all members on PS4 and Xbox.

Monday Evening (8pm) - No-Assists League
Tuesday Evening (8pm) - Realistic Performance Leagues
Wednesday Evening (8pm) - Equal Performance Leagues F1/F2/F3 (Tiered - System)
Thursday Evening (8pm) - Realistic Performance League

Invictus Racing Leagues welcome individuals of all skill levels and experience
. Whether you are an online veteran or complete novice we are happy to welcome you into our Online Racing Community. We are here to support individuals new to online racing as well as providing a challenge to experienced drivers.

If you enjoy close, competitive online league racing and wish to challenge yourself against successful drivers, or if you're completely new to online league racing and wish to give it a try, then please follow the link below to our website or follow and contact us on twitter and PSN. We look forward to hearing from you.

Twitter: @InvictusRL.
Website: https://invictusracingleague.com/
PSN: Craig8728 and F1WWFC_F1 .

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