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Back to back practice programs

Probably too large of a change to patch this years game but for next year. I would really like to run back to back programs, the fuel and ers are the 2 that would probably only work. Say you start the fuel program and after you A) set the optimal or B complete all 3 laps on the 'cool down' lap jeff says something like "ok we can pit and review data or stay out and run the ers program" then give you the yes or no option on the mfd like the pit strategy change. If you opt to stay out you the next time you cross the start/finish is the beginning of your ers program thus maximising track time by already having a set of warm tyres on.... It could be made as an option after each program, i use the hardest compound for the track acclimatisation but if i think i can have a crack at the fuel program on that set of tyres it would be cool to have the option to stay on track. 


  • FrostysportFrostysport Member New Car Smell
    Surely the Race Strategy programme would make more sense if DRS was inactive & there was a more representative level of fuel in the car. Then if you wanted to run back to back programmes you could have the option.
  • CaptainAustCaptainAust Member Petrol Head
    I just want the option to run every program back to back, if you don't want to you can always head back to the pits, the only problem with the race strategy is its 5 laps so the tyres would have a bit more wear. Id do a 3 lap fuel and 3 lap ers on a set but 3 laps then 5 might take a too big a bit out of 1 set. As i said, just the option to do so would be could, the player doesn't necessarily have to do it, it just puts more choice in the players hands. Also handy if showers are a few mins away, ud waste no time by going v back to the pits, selecting the next program  doing an out lap then the program  back to back you have a chance of getting 2 programs complete. You always have the option in the setup screen of how much fuel to run
  • FrostysportFrostysport Member New Car Smell
    I certainly think the programmes need looking into. I'm not saying everything needs to change but some of these ideas need taking onboard by Codies @Faya etc.
  • SantijoviSantijovi Member New Car Smell
    I think the programme that should be changed is the Race Strategy programme. It doesn't make sense to run a "race" programme with just five laps of fuel. It's not representative of the real race pace and the car behavior with a full fuel tank. If you don't pass it or the tyre wear is too excessive you can always change the setup and do it again.

    And I would add a new practice programme: Pit crew programme. It should work like this: let's say you are on the track doing one of the practice programme or just doing some laps, so when you finish before return to the pits you activate the "Pit crew programme" and when you go back to the pits the pit crew is waiting for you and change your tyres. After a certain number of tyre changes you get better pit stops. I think it would be more realistic to get better pit stop in this way than getting them ad a part of the contract negotiation.
  • FRACTUREDFRACTURED Member, Drivers Champion
    Santijovi said:
    I think it would be more realistic to get better pit stop in this way than getting them as a part of the contract negotiation.

    Agreed. I never put that on my contracts. MAX RP and level 3 on the departmental stuff like the timeframe reductions and max number of upgrades at same time. 

    The two time, 2016/2018 F1 Beta testing Champion of the World.
  • CaptainAustCaptainAust Member Petrol Head
    I'd like to see something simular in Quali actually. Especially for when the session is getting low on time and you mess up your hotlap. I'd like the option to just swing into the pits get a fresh pair of boots and straight back out on the track, rather than having to pull into the garage every time.
    Yeah that sounds awesome too, again that should be a yes or no option   even if you use voice and say 'box' that should activate a pit stop and not put it in the garage. 
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