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We need a hot seat mode for multiplayer

CatBaddersCatBadders Member New Car Smell
I know I'm not the only one who gets together with some friends on the weekends and have some friendly competition with my sim setup. Grabbing a random car on a random course and seeing which one of us can drunkenly slide down the mountain the fastest, but it gets old trying to track all of it each time we switch.

So give us hot seat! We can queue how many bodies will be racing, be it local or online, and the game just runs it that many rounds recording the times for everyone. HUGE bonus points if we can extend this to entire tournaments so I can just queue up 5 stages with 4 people in the hot seat option, giving us 20 races without ever having to go back to a menu or write anything down.

And with the deforming surfaces, you could even let that carry over per person or reset it. Make the current fastest time run the first lap, slowest time gets to go last since the ~5+ position should have the best track setup. 

We need a hot seat mode for multiplayer 6 votes

Yes, I'd love this
WolfHeSmithers1968CatBaddersPior18ARG 4 votes
Yes, but I'd probably never use it
SamRWDUP100 2 votes
No, no one would use it


  • Pior18ARGPior18ARG Member New Car Smell
    Yes, I'd love this
    YES PLEASE! must have for any rally game!
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