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Floating debris

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  • AcidBurn247AcidBurn247 Member Unleaded
    We had a slightly different Graphical Glitch in our First Online Ps4 League race at Canada

    At the exit of the Wall of Champions , a piece of someone`s car I presume was floating in the air , and ended 3 x okes Qualifying sessions , and about 4 in the race as well.

    It looked like you could just ignore and drive underneath it  (like the hovering Tyre one in China) , but it was solid and meant red wings or instant DNF.
  • AcidBurn247AcidBurn247 Member Unleaded
    edited October 2018
    I have just had another instance on the PS4 Unranked , at China during Qualifying

    There was a swirling piece of someone`s car above the Pit exit , and I tried to drive underneath it out of the Pit Exit , but next thing smashed and DNF`ed my car against this floating piece of Debris.

    I could not get confirmation , but it seems in both my instances that there was a Crash there and then not all the the Debris dissapeared when the Car that crashed and DNF`d there dissapeared. 
  • FayaFaya Member admin

    Hi @AcidBurn247,

    I’ve moved your issue into a thread of its own as I believe it’s a different issue to that of loafcorn’s.

    Could you let me know the following things, please?
    • Has the issue you seen only appeared while playing online?
    • Could you let me know what happens in the session up to where you’re seeing the issue?
    • How many people were in the lobby?
    • What was your connection like that day?
    • Do you have any video that we could view, preferably starting from the lobby?

  • AcidBurn247AcidBurn247 Member Unleaded
    Hi Faya

    Thanks for opening this new Thread.

    1. Yes , both instances was in Online , Unranked Lobbies . One 100 %  Race distance and One in 50 % Race distance
    2. I dont know exactly what you are referring to here , based on my own interpretation , the Lobby was "Normal" with no funny stuff.
    3. Instance No. 1 , 20 at the start of the League Race , Instance No. 2 , 18 at the start of the League Race
    4. My connection in both instances was perfect , with no desyncs or disconnections whatsoever. In the first instance , it happened to a fellow racer , and in the 2nd instance to myself. I can also add that in the 1st instance this floating debris affected about 3 Guys , and in the 2nd instance only myself saw and was affected by the swirling piece of metal.
    5. Unfortunately in my rage , I did not properly save the video . In the first instance , I can request the video from the fellow racer , but it will be a massive upload if you want the whole Race , (100 % Race distance). He also has the video where it happens , much shorter.
    Please advise if anymore info is needed.
  • AcidBurn247AcidBurn247 Member Unleaded
    edited October 2018

    Two different Videos of the abovementioned incidents  :


  • AcidBurn247AcidBurn247 Member Unleaded

    Just an update on this.

    We have just had our Canada Race on PS4 Online Lobby yesterday , on a different League than the one where the abovementioned happened.

    1 Guy posted a Video , of exactly the same shining piece of debris in exactly the same place as the above videos , with the same result to him (knocked and ended up with red Front Wing.

    So something is up with Canada and the Wall of Champions when someone crashes there ..

    Please fix.

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