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Is this a real rule in F1 or a bug?

So I'm in Monaco S1, 110% AI and in P17 in a race.

Hamilton the leader overlapped me and Ocon in P16 so was wedged in ahead of Ocon and behind Vandoorne who was P15. During this time I saved the race and resumed, as soon as I did the SC came out, so I follow the delta...

When the SC comes onto the track however, it comes out in-between Hamilton and Vandoorne. I assumed the normal F1 rules would be for all backmarkers to overtake to go back to the lead lap... however as soon as the SC comes out Vandoorne who is ahead of the SC is able to drive virtually full speed to go an entire lap ahead of me...

I'm stuck behind the SC waiting for the call to overtake but it never comes? Instead the SC gets called back into the pits... and I have to let every single car behind me INCLUDING VANDOORNE by because of blue flags?

Surely I've missed something here? What's going on?


  • MiXA28MiXA28 Member New Car Smell
    I think that's a game bug. There's no rule irl like that that i recall.
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