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We need a full, profile-wide leaderboard option to compare any cars in any conditions

It's simple: let us view leaderboards, specifically friends only, so we can see what everyone's best time regardless of class and/or conditions is for a particular course.

I can't be the only one who doesn't care if I'm comparing an Afternoon/Sunny run to a Morning/Cloudy one right? Does it really matter if they ran it in the 70's, 80's, or Group A? Outside of the absolute top of the leaderboards, no, it doesn't. A top #500 run in any of those, will put you in the top #1000 for the others. It's not exactly even, but for most intents and purposes it is close enough. If my friend is 10x better in their '95 Subaru, and I love running the 80's M3 E30,  I'd much rather see both of our best times than one of our better times. I understand the split for top times, but between most of my friends' I honestly couldn't care if it was Night/Rain - I just want to see the raw best time.

We need a full, profile-wide leaderboard option to compare any cars in any conditions 3 votes

Yes, we needed this ages ago
WolfHeNorbert1957CatBadders 3 votes
Maybe, but limit it to any conditions of the same class
No, it's pointless
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  • mumbleshmumblesh Member Unleaded
    This is such a big thing, finally someone is saying it, the whole leaderboard thing with CM is a mess. Whether it be F1 or Dirt, don't they understand Time Trials at all? I really would like to see easier access to leaderboards and more leaderboard filtering. To compare like for like, that's just common sense. So like for like in terms of what driving aids are used and what track condition and car. I am constantly having to write things down to compare times against friends because there is no leadboard filtering (F1 is a little clearer but even so). And it is quite difficult to even get to the leaderboards in Dirt Rally just to check times, I will create a new thread about this whole debacle.
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