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[PC/EU] WWRL Looking for new drivers! (Wednesdays 7:30 PM GMT/8:30 PM CET) (DRIVER Spots available)

LightcruiserHDLightcruiserHD Member New Car Smell
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WWRL is an European based racing league mainly focused on F1 2018. It was created in 2017 by AlexZAfRo and Me (Lightcruiser), however Alex was to busy with his YouTube channel and now its all down on me (and some others) Below is some info about our league!

Side Information:
  • Full 21 Race calendar
  • Win prize money!
  • PC Only league!
  • Races will be recorded with live commentary

Session Options:
  • Qualifying: Short Qualifying
  • Race Distance: 50%
  • Quick Weather: Dynamic
  • Session Start Time: Official
Race Settings:
  • Car Performance: Equal
  • Parc Fermé Rules: On
  • Collisions: On
  • Vehicle Damage: Reduced
  • Safety Car and Virtual Safety Car: On
  • Rules and Flags: On
  • Corner Cutting Stringency: Regular
  • Formation Lap: On
  • Race Starts: Manual
  • ERS Mode: Manual/Automatic


  • Allowed (Yes) or Not Allowed (No)
  • ABS (Anti-Lock Brakes): Yes
  • TC (Traction Control): Yes (Medium)
  • RL (Racing Line): Yes
  • AG (Automatic Gearbox): Yes
  • PLA (Pit Lane Assistant): No
  • PSRA (Pit Stop Release Assistant): Yes
If you enjoy close, competitive online league racing and wish to challenge yourself against successful drivers, or if you're completely new to online league racing and wish to give it a try, then please contact us on Twitter or contact me on Steam/Discord! If you want to know more about our league then please comment below! You can join right away if you want to :)

Twitter: @WWRacersLeague
Steam: Lightcruiser
Discord: Lightcruiser#1553
YouTube: World Wide Racers League

Here are the highlights of the races that we had so far!
Race 1 (Australia)

Race 2 (Bahrain)

Race 3 (China)

Race 4 (Baku)

Race 5 (Spain)

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  • SchnezlerrSchnezlerr Member New Car Smell
    I would be quite interested in that League. Is it still open to join? And how many slots are still open? I just recently switched to the wheel, so I am quite a bit slower than before. I kinda have to find my pace again. Are there any restrictions on how fast you have to be? 
    Hit me up on Steam if you like :) 
  • LightcruiserHDLightcruiserHD Member New Car Smell
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    Ive got some open driver spots again ;) Make sure to get in touch!
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  • LightcruiserHDLightcruiserHD Member New Car Smell
    Looking for drivers again! Message me on Twitter/Discord/Steam to get in touch!
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