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[F1 2018] Career at 100%. Free practice and qualifying looks realistic, but the race...

Hello guys, i don't know if this is happening only to me. I'm playing F1 2018 in Career Mode. I selected 100% and no assists.
I was playing free practice and everything looks ok. I get the 3rd place in qualifying (.02 from Vettel and 0.4 from Hamilton). It looks realistic.
Sadly, when i've started the race, i discovered a sad truth: it's impossible to beat them, and sometime Verstappen overtaken me (in qualifying he was at 0.6 from me). WHY?
I remember that F1 2017 was unrealistic for the qualifying, but realistic for the race. 


  • Tbracing007Tbracing007 Member New Car Smell
    Just keep steeming into career mode and soon they will not be winning everything things get better after sea 1 plus rember their race pace is always going to be faster than yours if your in a med to low team  but things do change the more you develop your car and get even more competitive with top runners whilst they are too developing their cars . What I have started doing in p1 is heavy full race fuel runs on the tyre I'm likely to start on and get a real feel for what sort of lap times I'm going to be doing in first stint I normally do about 13 15 laps keeping standard mix 2 fuel and medium ers. give it a try . And from what I have watched 100% rd no assist racer you really need to bring your a game with u at each gp and make no mistakes. you seem to be a very quick going by your times you put in comment but their times in PRC and quali they might not of bern running rich mode and engine saving to give them selvss optimal race advantages .what I found interesting on career race last night in p2 was that vettel had not used any of the quicker tyers to do any quik Laps but had put the yellow wall softs on and done 26 laps in the session double the amount of laps of every one indicating he was testing heavy run to see if a 1 stop strategy was possible .I've never seen this in any career mode session before the ai normally do 10 13 Lps each session max so just goes to show how good the ai simulation must be plus vettel isn't doing to well  were 4th race season 4 and 0 points 
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