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Onrush 60fps on base Xbox One?

Does it run at 60 frame per second on the base Xbox One (S)?

I've seen the framerate and quality options in the menu, but on the reviews I read those were only mentioned on xbox one X


  • App13533dApp13533d Member New Car Smell
    edited October 2018
    I would be surprised if it could manage it... Digital Foundry did say they would revisit resolution & frame-rate testing the full release on Xbox when reviewing the PS4 Beta,  but I think that fell by the wayside when the game kinda bombed at launch.
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  • raiden07raiden07 Member New Car Smell
    If 60 fps it's not available on base Xbox One... why can we select two graphic options? I'm still confused
  • App13533dApp13533d Member New Car Smell
    edited October 2018
    I suspect it's an aspirational target above 30fps when the Base/S hardware can manage it in particular low-demand resource gameplay situations, but not a locked 60fps or even above 50fps with regular frequency.

    That said, I haven't been able to find any frame-rate testing between the consoles in Google searches that I'd be prepared to vouch for by linking here.

    Here's the Eurogamer article from June associated to that Digital Foundary framerate testing of the PS4 beta I mentioned before- it only says:
    "According to Evo, 30fps was the target for 18 months of the two-year development cycle, with all art created with that frame-rate in mind. However, moving to the lower-level APIs opened up the headroom to target 60fps instead. Initially, this would be the preserve of the enhanced consoles only, but as the team focused more intensely on high frame-rate support towards the tail-end of development, the standard PS4 became a viable target too. Only the regular Xbox One doesn't feature it as standard at launch - though the team continues to work on it." ...

  • IanCMIanCM Member New Car Smell
    edited December 2018
    A 60fps (or close to it) frame rate option WAS added in to the Xbox one base console a few updates back, unfortunately it was a feature hidden in patch notes so not much was mentioned about it.
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