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FFB issues with TM F430

I recently bought a used Thrustmaster F430 wheel, and it works fine with everything else I own. (Project Cars 2, F1 2017) However, the game I was most anticipating to play with my wheel was Dirt, and the FFB doesn't work at all. I am running the driver found on Thrustmasters website for this wheel, verified game cache, tried all the different "You need to do this first" methods I could find on the internet (Although I don't see how screaming "I love codemasters" into my toaster 5 times before starting the game would help anyways.) and went back to get some older drivers to see if they would work. Nothing has, so I come to you, almighty reddit Codemasters forums! Any solutions?

Ps. The game recognizes my wheel, and it is supported according to the codemasters website.

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