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Thrustmaster T150

SeanAnthonySeanAnthony Member New Car Smell
edited October 2018 in F1 Games - Setups
Help needed, can someone with fast time trial times improve these settings for me, it is very tricky to set up the T150 on F1 2018. I am top 200 with controller but 2 seconds slower after a spending a few days with my first wheel.

Calibration, All set to default except:

Steering Linearity- 20
Steering Saturation- 30

FFB strength- 50
Wheel damper- 5
Understeer Enhance- On
Wheel Rotation- 180 Degrees


  • PatrickTuckerPatrickTucker Member Unleaded
    Set it all to default and learn how to play the game again. Trust me, it’s the only way. 
    realSpirit_of_76    PS4
  • SeanAnthonySeanAnthony Member New Car Smell
    That’s what I did haha it was the only way to figure out what needed tweaking; by testing it in races on default, it’s only when you are under pressure in a race that you truly learn what is working and not.
  • Tbracing007Tbracing007 Member New Car Smell
    Jyst leave everything on default I got same wheel put ffb 150 
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