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Game freezes

Have completed 1st duel and received a blueprint. When I tap to open it the game freezes. I have tried to shut down numerous times and reopen but still when I tap on blueprint it freezes. 


  • MplayMplay Member New Car Smell
    Same issue, iphone 6. Can finish first race, but can't open the blueprint to continue
  • ChrisGrovesMCMChrisGrovesMCM Member Community Manager
    Hey there, thanks for raising this smile We've seen that a small number of players have experienced this issue, where they get past the first tutorial race and are blocked at this point. We're investigating the matter and plan to add a fix for those players in an imminent update. Thanks again! 
  • MplayMplay Member New Car Smell
    Just installed the latest update and it still doesn't work. Now I get a message that a serious error has occurred and the games closes down. Tried a clean install as well, same problem. 
  • MplayMplay Member New Car Smell
    To be clear, it's at exactly the same point, I can finish the first race, the error is before I can open the first blueprint
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